Set Aside Time For You

image     This wife has been pretty busy being a full time wife and a full time employee.. Sometimes it’s hard to catch my breath. I feel like I haven’t had the energy lately to sit down and write. Something always comes up that takes me away from the time I try to set aside. Always remember to set aside some time for yourself. Even if it’s just a walk by yourself or a bath. Every wife needs a little time to herself to clear her head and reset. I encourage every wife to take a day to yourself and be selfish. You deserve it!! Get that mani/pedi, buy that bag you have been eye balling for months, treat yourself to that froyo that you usually have to share, go see Fifty Shades When it comes out … What ever it is, take that time for yourself because remember, you have to make sure to talks care of you as well xoxo


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