Ladies and Gents, the hubs is gone for the evening! What does a wife do with her “ME” time????

Do I eat bad food?? Well not “bad” food (staying fit) but food that I can actually eat and not be interrupted because I have to get up for the dogs or he needs something that only I know where it is.

Do I watch bad tv? Bad as in super girly tv shows that I record on my DVR (best investment ever) which I watch late at night when he is asleep. If I try to watch them any other time, forget about it.


Oooh maybe watch a romance chick flick… *cough *cough The Notebook…

Do I put a mask on my face and just relax and let my mind wander? Don’t know if I can do that because I always have a million things racing up there.

Do I sit here and write more blog entries since I have the quiet time?

Knowing I do not have all night of “me” time, just a few hours, these are the things that race through my head while I take my 10 minute drive home from work.

When you are living on your own and single, you never think about things like this. There is all the “ME” time in the world. You take it for granted and you don’t even realize it. Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t be single if you paid me to (no disrespect to those of you who are). It just personally, I couldn’t handle the “dating scene” again.

So wives, when you have “ME” time, even if it is just for 30 minutes… TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!”

What is this wife doing with her “ME” time?

photo 3Well obviously I posted a blog entry

I ate “bad” food.. Thank you Baja Fresh photo 1

I ate my “bad” food while watching super super bad girly TV… photoI am addicted to “Pretty Little Liars” Yes even at 30 I will still watch ABC Family and the CW (all their shows I love are on summer break)

I ditched The Notebook so I wouldn’t look like a hot teary mess when the hubs got home …   He would have come

home to this → imgres

I put a mask on my face (this humidity mixed with the heat is causing oily skin) photo 4

And last but not least, because I am still the wife, I started the dishwasher and made a small dinner so he has some food when he gets home. photo (1)

All this with in a hour and a half… like I said, I don’t get many “ME” times, so when I do, I take advantage of every minute!

What will you do with your “ME” time?


3 thoughts on “ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!”

  1. you are funny 🙂 is baja fresh really bad food? see, to me, it was kind of healthy. Imagine what I eat when I eat bad food! I am not going to tell you for now 🙂 Based on my experience, I do believe that distance, space are very important aspects of a healthy relationship. Those “me” moments are precious. I wouldn’t be able to do all the things you listed in 1 hour and a half, though. What are you, wonder woman? Hugs

    1. Sometimes I feel like I am… and my hubs does too…
      No Baja fresh isnt really “bad” food… to me it is since I never eat it.

      Yes space is very important in a healty relationship.
      Have a great rest of your week!

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