They are a pain, but they must get cleaned! Here is how…..

If you guys have not learned by now, I LOVE to clean. I am always looking for ways to clean household items. You ever think “Hmm how would I clean that? What is the easiest way while getting great results?”

Here are a few things around the house that we stare at every day and now a solution on how we can clean them with ease.

That smelly garbage disposal… one great trick is cutting up lemon slices with hot water and turning on the disposal. It works but depending on the strength of your disposal, it does not always chop 670px-Clean-Your-Garbage-Disposal-Step-8up the lemon slices. Half the time you have to reach your hand in and pull them out. Now that is just gross!
Next time, try this: Pour 3 tablespoons of Borax into the chamber. After an hour of it sitting, flush out with hot water. images-1To get rid of the odor that still lingers, freeze ½ cup of white vinegar mixed with water in a ice cube tray and once frozen, throw a couple in and run the disposal. Not only will it clear up the odor, it will also sharpen the blades.

Is the dusty ceiling fan causing you to sneeze every time it is turned on? Grab an old sheet and an old pillowcase. Lay out sheet (or drop woman-sneezing-w352cloth if you have one) under the fan covering about twice the area of the fan. imagesGrab some handy dandy white vinegar (as you can see, this 1 household item works to clean almost everything!) add 2 tablespoons and mix it with water in a spray bottle. Spray a generous amount into the old pillowcase. Make sure you have something sturdy to stand on (and no ladies, your husband does not count), slide the pillowcase over the blade one by one, gently rubbing the blade to remove all the dust. There will be no mess since you the dirt will fall into the pillowcase. Absolute Genius!!!!!

Bake much? If you are like me, you may have some baking sheets/pans that have residue on them. imgresThis is an easy fix! Put the baking sheet/pan in the sink with a dryer sheet (Bounce seems to work the best). dryer-sheetsFill the sink with some warm water and let it soak over night. Clean with a sponge and rinse well.



imgres-1Pesky blinds… my nemesis! This one takes a while. There is no quick easy way to clean blinds. Pick up some white cotton gloves.whiteglove

They are fairly inexpensive at most drug stores (no need for organic, since they will just be used and will get dirty).Once again, grab that amazing white vinegar. Mix an equal amount of it with warm water in a bowl. With your gloves on, dip the fingers of one hand into the solution and run your fingers through the slats, every now and then re dipping your fingers in the solution. Use the other hand to wipe dry. If the water is starting to look dirty, make sure to replenish. When you are done, wipe dry with a clean towel or you can use a dryer sheet (you can also use a used one).

smudge lensesFor those lovely smudges on your eyeglasses, avoid using the spray that the optometrist gives you. Instead, fill up a bowl with cold water a drop of dishwashing soap (liquid) and swirl around for a few seconds. Use a soft cotton cloth to dry. To avoid lint, use a coffee filter.

Don’t you just LOVE the sound of the sliding door? The way is sounds like nails on a chalkboard every time you open or close it? Have no fear; there is a simple solution to this. Some of you may already know 24d257bait. For those of you that don’t, here is the trick. Spray the tracks with all-purpose cleaner and let sit for a few minutes, then wipe up loosened grime with paper towels. For the hard to get crevices, dampen a rag with the cleaner, wrap around a flat screwdriver and wipe area. 99d674d26fd5e4ccFor an even smoother glide, use a few squirts of WD-40.



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