6th Month Mark


They say the first year is the hardest year of being married, who ever said it, nailed it perfectly.  So far we have survived the first 6 months, only 6 more to go!

I’m not going to lie, it has been hard at times but it has been fun too.


Here are a few things I have learned in the 6 months of being married

♥    Every couple has financial struggles. It is just a matter of “Are you going to argue about it or work as a team to get through it” attitude.

♥    The income that is being earned now is “ours”, whether only one of you work or both of you work.

♥      The pets in the house (if you have them), is a shared chore whether you like it or not.

♥  You both still need “me” time.

♥   Do not close out your friends. Instead, make some time to catch up with them. I like to go down my “favorites” on my phone and call one of them on my drive home from work or on a lunch break. The fact that we have social medial helps too, but I still rather hear a voice then see a picture

♥   Do not stop doing the things you love. I still like to curl up and read, it may not be for as long as I like, but it is enough to keep me happy.

♥    It’s all about the little things. I leave my hubs little notes from time to time where I know he will see them in the morning. He get me the most beautiful cards I have ever read (he is one of the rare breeds that pick the perfect card).

♥      Last but not least, you guys are a team. Always do your best to be a TEAM PLAYER.


I am sure there will be more things I will learn along the way. It is a beautiful journey that you both decided to take together.



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