Wifey Stress Relievers

My fellow wives; I know your day can be stressful. With or with out kids, we all have our days.  What do you do in those moments? How do you turn your mood into a positive one? Below are a few tips that have helped me change my mood into a better one.

earphones-460_1008649cListen to some of your favorite music ♥

When I am having a rough day at work or just a rough few hours at work, I put my headphones on to focus and get through what ever it                                                                                 is bothering me.

Knowing I had a stressful day at work and not knowing what I may walk into when I get home makes me even more stressed out. So when I clock out for the day I like to put on my favorite music, which happens to be “The Sound Of Music” soundtrack, on in my car so that I can be calm by the time I get home. If I am home and stressed but still have to do the normal routine, I stick my headphones on and try to get back to my happy place.

Go for a walk ♥images

Removing your self from the current situation or place helps clear your head. We have 2 dogs that benefit from this. I will take them on a long walk. I get fresh air, some exercise, and clearer perspective of the situation.  By the time I get back home, I have been able to reset.

Take a bath♥bubble bath

Who doesn’t like a little relaxation with a side of bubbles? I used to do this often when we had a bathtub and it really helped.

r-OLDER-WOMEN-WHO-WATCH-TV-INCREASE-DEPRESSION-RISK-large570Watch one of your favorite shows ♥

Now a days most people have ways to watch their favorite programs. Whether its Netfix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, DVR or just searching the Internet, there are ways to find your show. I like to curl up on my bed or couch and turn on what I call “bad tv”.  Usually it is one of my super girly shows and the hubs will leave me alone. Another good thing to watch is one of your favorite movies. Pop it in and relax!

And last but not least and one of my favorites…

Read a good book♥catherine reading

I used to always have a book in my bag, but I know carry my Kindle with me. There is nothing better then clearing your head with a good book. It is my all time favorite things to do and always helps me de-stress.

♥Less stressed wifey = Happy home and a happy husband ♥


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