Wifey Tips & Advice To Keep You Guys Going Strong

Lets face it ladies, we get married and all of a sudden everything changes.  No one knows why or when it does, but it does. Here are some wifey tips and advice that will keep you guys going strong


Take care of yourself
Turns out that the best thing you can do for your husband is also good for you. Eat healthy foods, maintain good grooming, and exercise regularly. You’ll look and feel better, and you’ll continue to be the vibrant and attractive woman he fell in love with, no matter your age. Remember, he married you for who you are, its not fair to just let yourself go


Keep the romance alive
When was the last time you planned a romantic interlude with your husband? If you can’t remember, you’re way overdue. Be affectionate, write love notes, give him a backrub, plan a date, and initiate sexual play. Remind him that you still find him attractive. There is nothing worse then the feeling of not feeling wanted or desired. Always flip it in your head and ask yourself if you would want to feel that way.


Say thank you, often
When researchers ask men what they want from their wives, appreciation always makes the list. Everyone likes to be appreciated, so remember to notice the things your husband does—for you, for the kids, for the house—and thank him. You’ll put a smile on his face and a little joy in his heart. Even though he knows you appreciate him, its always nice to hear some one tell you


Make your husband a priority
With the everyday stresses of work, home, and kids (we do not have kids yet but I can only imagine how stressful it is), it’s easy to take your husband for granted. Make time for the two of you to reconnect on a regular basis. Take an interest in his work and hobbies. Ask him how is day is going or ask him how is day went. Let him know he’s important to you.


“Guy Time”
Everyone needs time for themselves—to relax, enjoy a hobby, or socialize with friends. If your husband loves football and you don’t, don’t bug him about it. Encourage him to spend time with his friends (even if your not a fan of them).  He’ll enjoy the companionship.


Have a life outside your marriage
Once you’re married, it’s easy to forget the others around you and the ones that were there before you got married. Make time for friendships outside your marriage. Plan lunch dates with a family member. Shopping with your best girl friend or lunch with the girls at work. You’ll have more fun and bring new energy to your relationship.


Let free time be free- “you time” and “me time”
Just as you need time to relax and unwind, so does your husband.  Find a compromise so both your needs are met. And give him time to recharge by not over-scheduling weekends with home projects and shopping.


MOST IMPORTANT: Believe in your husband, and let him know it
Men can display a lot of bravado, but like us they sometimes struggle with low self-confidence and feelings of failure. And because men approach the world as competitors, they sometimes end up feeling like losers. When he comes home, your husband needs to know that the person he values most in the world believes in him—especially when he doesn’t believe in himself.



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