A Wife’s Top 10 Cleaning Tricks


dryer-sheets-lgDryer sheets are good for things other then the dryer!- 

Place a couple of dryer sheets (even used ones work) in the bottom of the trash canto absorb spills and mask odors.


4. no-bar-soapNO MORE BARS-

Switch to liquid soap or glycerin bar soap.The binders in traditional bar soaps are the main cause of soap scum and contribute to clogged drains.

256px-Paper_towel5. Paper Towels Rock!

Line the bottom of the microwave with 10 or so paper towels to protect the turntable. Take the top one off after each use.

6. no-mold-logoSay NO to mold- 

Run the bathroom exhaust fan or crack open a window while you shower—and for at least 10 minutes afterward—to prevent mold buildup.

hy-top-distilled-white-vinegar-946ml-20098-p7. The best stuff to have –


Eradicate hard-water stains in the toilet by pouring in a cup of distilled white vinegar once a month. Let sit overnight, then flush.

3008. The power of a squeegee-

Wipe down tile walls and glass doors after showering with a small flexible squeegee to curb soap scum.

9. no more wipesStop wasting money –

Save money by using your own cloths. Spray them with a suitable cleanser and wipe. Then stick them in the washing machine when you’ve finished and select a hot wash to kill any germs.

10. Fizz your toilet cleanDenture-Tablets-for-Cleaning

Most cleaners are tough on your toilet, so try something gentler that will do the job just as well. Once a week, drop two denture tablets into the bowl and leave for at least 20 minutes. Then give the inside of the bowl a quick brushing and flush. The same action that brightens dentures will leave your toilet gleaming.



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