my 18th chapter: passing cars

This is an amazing blog to follow! Truly one of my favorites @thesaintgermain is a talented writer and keeps me coming back every Monday for a new post!


Every morning when you wake up, you have those three golden seconds when you forget who you are, where you are and what you’re doing here. You’re just this free-floating unwritten page.

It feels like bliss.

When I woke up for work on Friday at 6:30am, these three seconds arrived. And naturally, I did my daily rundown.

– My name is Doug.

– I now live in New York.

– I work at a finance firm.

And then I continued:

– What did I do last night?

– The brownie.

– Alaska.

– She’s here.

I turned and saw Eleanor passed out next to me in bed, a little puddle of drool beside her cheek. I was partially stoned.

I knelt down next to her.

Me: Hey, I’ve gotta go to work, but you can stay as long as you’d like.

Eleanor: What time is it?

Me: 7am.

She looked…

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