The Up’s And Down’s Of Being Newly Married

love-is-3Hello My Fellow Followers, 

It has been a while since I have posted anything and for that I am sorry. Things have been hectic in the life of a new wife.  No book can tell you how to have a perfect marriage and no one can tell you how to be a perfect wife. 

After a heated discussion between the hubs and I, we realized that we are still learning “how to be married”. It is still so new and it has its ups and downs.  Both of us have never done this before. There are mood swings and feeling that easily get hurt.  I am sure some of you wives are super sensitive but did not realize how sensitive you are until you got married. At least that is what happened to me. 

Fighting with your spouse is not pleasant and never fun. A really good friend told me once that her and her husband never go to bed angry.  This makes such a difference. The hubs and I never go to bed staying angry at one another.  You never know what tomorrow may bring so do not waste time being angry at one another. 

Always remember that each marriage is its own unique story. No two marriages are the same so never try to compare yours to someone else’s. You will drive your self crazy. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of there week! New recipes will be posted soon! 


Happy Wife


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