Keeping A Happy Husband Happy

imgres1. Don’t Nag. Men often let nagging go in one ear and out the other. If you want your husband to listen to the important things that you have to say, do not constantly critique him over little things. I have really learned to check my tone when I ask him to do something, ESPECIALLY first thing in the morning. They never want to listen at that time.

2. Pick Your Battles. My sister taught me this one. You may get annoyed that he leaves his dishes in the sink and dirty socks on the floor. Pick-Your-BattlesBut getting upset and causing an argument isn’t worth it. If he goes out and does extraneous labor so that you can put food on the table, you can do your part in picking up after him. So next time, instead of yelling and getting everyone in a bad mood because your husband left his dirty socks on the floor or  his dishes in the sink after you just cleaned the kitchen, pick them up and put them in the hamper or just rinse the dish. It will take quicker to do this then start an argument.

3. Cook Dinner. Of course, every man’s dream is to have a wife just like his mom. Believe it or not, men think of their spouse as their security. urlCooking dinner at night as opposed to getting take out will bring back that homey feeling, plus it saves money. Always make enough to have left overs for later (my husband will usually eat again in a few hours) or for the next day.

4. Laugh Together.laugh-together

Nothing is more of a greater feeling then making each other laugh. Pure laughter comes straight from the heart. My husband and I laugh all the time.

5. Leave all Distractions out of the Bedroom. The bedroom is strictly for you and your spouse to spend time together after a long day. Leave all distractions including the television, phones, argumentative conversations, and yes, even your kids out of the bedroom. url-1We are guilty to having a TV in our room. If you have one, find another area in the house free of distractions. We have a patio that we like to sit on and talk about our day or have

6. Get Him Ready for the Next Day. This may sound crazy, but laying your spouse’s clothes out for him and packing his lunch the night before will


actually help to avoid stress the next day. I like to pre set the coffee pot and make sure our vitamins are out. Arguing in the morning can ruin any one’s day, so help organize your spouse as you would your child if you have one.

7. Let Him be a Man. Suggest or make arrangements for him and a group of guy friends to hang out. This will make it easier for him to feel less tied down with the married man role. 90335538If he stays out a little late, it’s OK.Do not call him or text him non stop while he is out. That will only aggravate him and could cause an argument when he comes home. Remember, “pick your battles”. Is this one worth fighting about?

8. Boost His Self Esteem. url-2Make positive comments on his appearance, and if you would like for him to change something in his appearance, suggest the change with a phrase like “We should…” or “You should try…”, but yet again, do not nag the change; leave it up to him, after all it is his appearance.

9. Speak Positively About Your Spouse.


As hard as it may be, leave your problems at the house. Do not tell your friends and family bad things about your husband; this will give room for them to tell you how to deal with your relationship and in the end leave them with negative thoughts about your husband. Never air your dirty laundry on social media sites (blogging, Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc).

10. Never Down His Family. Even though you or your husband may not approve of the way his mother does certain things, do not bad mouth her. Your husband will loose respect for you if you talk about his relatives, so simply make suggestions on how to “make things better”.



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