Tests and Lines

After a hectic work day yesterday, I have come to the realization that Life is all about being tested and waiting in lines. Almost like being back in grade school.

Do you ever say to yourself “Why is this happening to me? Of all days or of all times!”MatrixUniverse
It feels like things just come in waves and it is the universe testing you on Life. How are you going to handle this situation? What about that situation? Then you yell “OH COME ON SERIOUSLY?!?” What doesn’t break us only makes us stronger ladies and gents. I am a firm believer of that saying.  So what do we do? We take it in stride. Tell yourself that no matter what you can handle all that comes your way!
Ever feel like all you do is wait in line or on hold? The average person in their lifetiwaiting-in-lineme will spend about 2 to 3 years waiting in line and about 60 hours a year on hold. That’s a whole lot of time wasted.  Sometimes it is worth waiting in line: tickets to your favorite show, waiting to meet your favorite celeb or author, waiting for your favorite ride.  Being on hold is never a great experience.  For myself, since I am the wife and handle all the household utilities, I dread the days when I have to call Time Warner. Im telling you , they have the longest hold time I have ever experienced. Its nice when you have some kind of music to listen too but then it gets annoying.  
For what ever the reason, we wait in line, wait on hold, and sometimes we wait in line while on hold! We are constantly being tested by this great Universe we live in.  It is wonderful and it can be scary but I am happy to say that no matter now long I stand in line, wait on hold, or feel tested, I try to make the best of the situation.

2 thoughts on “Tests and Lines”

  1. true… life is a great adventure, but it also has its own built in tests… and unlike school, you don’t get warnings in advance. It just happens. Suddenly, a test.

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