Almost Wedding Time

I realize it has been a while since my last blog. Life has been a little hectic. My big wedding day is coming up on the 21st of Sept.

For the soon to be brides out there that are planning and having to pay for a lot of it on your own, have no fear! There are many things you can do to help save!

If you are a Martha Stewart kinda gal, go buck wild making your own invitations and programs, what is a computer and good printer for right?!!!! Me, I am so far from Martha Stewart, not that I don’t wish I could do all the awesome DIY projects, it is just that I can’t even cut in a straight line! And even while using a ruler or level, things come out crooked, its my biggest flaw.

My best friend/Maid of Honor kept telling me “Stef, have you gotten card stock yet? Have you figured out what invitations you want to make” One day I decided to be brave and go to Staples. There in the paper aisle, I almost had a break down while asking an employee which invitation kit he thought would be nice. With tears forming in my eyes, I dropped everything and left. I thought “if I cannot even make invitations, how am I going to make it as a wife”.

How I felt at that moment: wedding-stress-290

It was that moment when I realized, for me it was more time and cost effective to just have them made. I will recommend for any bride, the best price I found was at . Their prices were reasonable and they send you coupons if you sign up on the website.  Another great save is magnet Save The Dates. Mine were at and they were pretty inexpensive.  You can design your own!! It was really fun and it is such a great feeling when you go to your friends house and you see it on their fridge. Only downside, you may have a few left over, but you can always glue other pictures over them and have new magnets!!!! DIY project in the works!! HAHAHAH!

It really does help if you have someone helping you. Never be afraid to ask for help. People now how stressful it can be planning a wedding by yourself.

Another money saver, find a location that has their own list of venders or a “Package Deal”. We are using Electra Cruises in Newport Beach and they have great prices! If one of you were or are in the service, you also get a discount!!  It is really great because their venders are all near one another so you do not have to worry about someone showing up late.  Such a stress relief.

Watch out for locations that say they are a vineyard.. we drove to a location in simi valley that said it was one, after the GRAND (not so grand) tour, I asked where the Vineyard was, their response “well we hope to have vineyards in the next year or so”!!!  Not only was the location super over priced, but there wasn’t even vineyards!!!!!!!

Another tip: when searching things online, if you use the word “wedding” in searches things will be more expensive.  Even when ordering flowers, if you say it is for a wedding… all they see is $$$$. Try to avoid that.

So far I have been a pretty easy going bride. Im letting my girls pick their own shoes, hair styles and make up. All I ask is that it is romantical (if that is even a word) and classy. I made sure I picked out dresses that they can wear again and that is flattering. I also went with black since black looks great on everyone.

NO: stock-illustration-13621822-bridezilla        YES: cartoon_bride_1

Keep that in mind the whole time. No one likes a bridezilla.. you wont get to far

Well ladies, I hope that some of this helped.  Being engaged is the greatest feeling in the world! I am looking forward to being a wife…. Everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!!!!!!


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