Cheap Flights? No such thing

It has been awhile since my last post. But have no worries, this one will be a good one.

I traveled to Las Vegas over the weekend for my bachelorette party with my bridesmaids. When my girlfriend booked our flights back in March or so, we could not believe the deal. $84 round trip from Los Angeles to Vegas?! NO way!! Thats a bargain!  Well we come to find out that you either have to pay the fee for carry on which if done at the airport is $40!! or check your bag in which is $35-$50. $35 if you do it online before you go to airport and $50 if you wait until you get there. I did not find this out until I was at the airport checking in. Because my girlfriend bought my ticket for me, I was not able to check in online. They do not tell you this until last minute. I have had my luggage lost before, so for me I had carry on and did trust to check in my carry on.

Once on the flight, the chairs were not to bad. I opt for a window seat since I love watching what is below. Always watch out for another thing when on an airplane, they DO NOT accept cash. Another thing they do not tell you. Credit cards only so be prepared.

ImageThis airline charged for everything. After examining the selections, the food pack and mojito seemed like more bang for the buck. It was only $13, and I am so happy I happen to bring my credit card for emergencies, or I would have been one sad traveler.

So in the end the “cheap” round trip flight that started at $84 ended up costing $239, not counting the food cost.  When you see a price that is to good to be true there is usually a reason behind it. I have also learned to bring snacks with me 🙂

The airlines I traveled on was Spirit Airlines. Be aware of this one. It is not as cheap as they make it sound.


2 thoughts on “Cheap Flights? No such thing”

  1. Your post caught my eye as my boyfriend and I just booked “cheap” flights to Vegas for November. I cannot believe that there is a fee carry on or checked luggage. That’s a sneaky way to get you to pay more either way. Ridiculous.

  2. It is soooo sneaky! When ever my fiance sees deals he will forward them to me and I am in charge of reading the “fine print”. I always tell him, hunny you have to be careful with these livingsocial/ Groupon deals. Im still shocked over the flight I took. Its crazy how they can do that! 🙂 Have fun in vegas! The best thing to do is get a hotel with a kitchen area so that you can save $$ on food and drinks, That is what we did! xo

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