Who Am I?

Hi Everyone,

I am Stefanie. Named after “Stefanie Powers” the 80’s actress. Im a 29 years old Libra and born and raised in Santa Monica, CA. I grew up in a single parent home with my younger brother. I look up to my mom who worked hard to provide for us. I am the way I am today because of them. I am HUGE on family and I am lucky enough to have all  of mine close by. We are a close knit Italian family. I love the colors black, pink and white and I LOVE LOVE LOVE elephants.

I have never really left Santa Monica and I am ok with that. It is a beautiful place to live and I have never taken it for granted. The picture below was taken on my street early in the morning.


I got engaged last year to a wonderful man. We will be married in September. Together we have 2 dogs Betty    ( the little one)  & Farrah (the big one), and a fish named Mr. Lopez ( I am a huge Forgetting Sarah Marshall fan, that is why I named my fish Mr. Lopez) I am looking forward to living in the fairytale that I have always wanted. I have no complaints with life and try to live everyday to the fullest.

I have always wanted to start a blog but never knew what to write about. When I would talk about things to other people I would always get “Stef, that would be a great blog” so I finally decided to start one. I don’t expect everyone to love it. I also do not think I know everything. I am just writing things that have helped me better myself and hopefully it will help other people along the way. I am still getting used to the lay out of all this so there may be typos and errors ( I am  not perfect) but I will do my best.

You can also find me on Instagram http://instagram.com/almost_mrs_stroot



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