Stress At Work Got You Down?


Everyone has a few stressful days at work. I do not even have a super stressful job but there are days when I just want to walk out. I strive to be the model employee and it drives me crazy when others are not.

In my head I see it as “if it is easy for me to do it, why can’t everyone else do it”.

At the workplace there can be a lot of double standards: why can he/she do it, but if I were to do something like that, that would be the end of me. It can drive you crazy all day and then make you stressed out. You do not need unnecessary stress.

I have learned a valuable thing working side by side with a great lady and her husband who are both my bosses. They taught me to work on how not to internalize everything. You have to process the “data” before reacting to it.


Example: A person from a different department, or even the boss sends out an email to you or to a few of you. You seem like it is directed just to you and you get offended right of the bat somehow. The best thing to do is: read the email slowly (yes this has happened to me); process what the actual email is about (we call it processing the data). Remember who is emailing that to you and their personality, sometimes their personality reflects how they speak and it can be hard to understand the tone of the email when it is only words you see. You do not have to respond right away. Take some time to process the data and the reply. Usually after you go through these steps, your final response will be a lot better then what you initially wanted to say. You can also kindly call that person or go to them and ask “Hey, I didn’t really understand what you were saying in that email, can you clarify it for me”. It never hurts to ask.


Don’t you just love those lovely double standards: The “why can he/she do it, but if I were to do something like that, that would be the end of me” OR The “ I work just as hard as that person, if not better, but they are getting the recognition for doing their job. I have come to the conclusion that some people just need that pat on the back. Other’s do not care what how they are acting and sooner or later, their karma will come back to them. A true boss cares for their company and is ALWAYS watching. Internalizing what others are doing will make you question how you are doing your job, are you doing it right? and so forth. Always know that until your superior says that you are not doing something right, know that you are fine and don’t internalize what others are doing. Take it in stride and go to your Zen place. You are doing a great job and be happy that you do not need the pat on the back because you are a great employee.

You never what to create extra stress on yourself. If another person in another department messes up or isn’t doing their job properly, I use NMP translation “Not My Problem”.  It has helped me focus on what I need to do and I worry less about what other people at work are doing. There is another one I like to use- NMB “Not My Business” that will keep you out of the stupid office gossip drama. Remember why you are there at work in the first place and be proud that you do not need the pat on the back. Always go to your stress free Zen place in your mind and do your best to get through the workday.



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