Morning Time

This is my first actual blog ever. I have been told lately after one of my rants at work that I should blog it or when I describe my day, it needs to be blogged… well here I go.. I some how manage to wake up and get everything done all with in an hour before I have to leave for work.. How do I do it? Time Management and MULTITASKING … My 2 favorite things. I think because I did not have much of it growing up, I am OCD when it comes to timing and somehow I have become the Queen of Multitasking. Today’s morning routine: I woke up 7:45, got dressed( lucky for me today is casual friday at work) flossed my teeth and brushed them. I put in my bleaching trays, while those are in (they have to be in for 30 mins, I walked our dogs around the block, fed them, then put a mask on my face (that needs to be on for about 20), and as the mask is drying and the teeth are whitening, I have made time to blog my first entry and it is only 8:10am. After this blog is done, the mask will be washed off, hair thrown up in a bun (casual friday and all) and I will grab my coffee (usually set the night before, to save time), this morning the guy made it, and head out to go to work. I have to be there by 9 and I am always a few minutes early. It does help that I live so close to work or all this most likely would not work as well, but then I would just get up a little earlier and do the same routine. I swear by multitasking and time management. I am a little worried for when I have a child, I hear the whole time management thing gets thrown out the window, but we will see about that! That is just one of my mornings in my household. Depending on the day, it can change. Still, it is the timing and multitasking that makes it all happen 🙂 xoxo


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